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Afford yourself a means to be located in cases of emergency or provision of assistance in situations of need.

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All Basotho residing in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland are strongly encouraged to register their names and addresses with us for consular purposes. This is for your benefit and peace of mind.

We’re always happy and welcoming, just to see a friendly Mosotho shall be our pleasure!

Your personal information obtained through this registration process is confidential. It shall be used strictly in accordance with the provisions of dPA 2013 & our Privacy Policy.


Citizen of the Kingdomm of Lesotho outside the country may encounter difficulties or become victims of crime, accident/s, illness, death, natural/man-made disasters, civil unrest, or whose family and/or next-of-kin needed to contact them in an emergency.

  • We encourage you to consider registration as an integral part of your travel planning and security.
  • The information you provide allows the High Commission to assist you as a citizen of the Kingdomm of Lesotho in event of an emergency.
  • The registration is free and voluntary and only available to citizen of the Kingdomm of Lesotho traveling, studying or residing in the UK.
  • Registration will also allow you to receive emails about events, announcements, and important updates and information.

Your personal data shall be held in accordance with strict confidentiality principles required under the DPA 2013 (“the Act”).

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