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High Commission & Consular Affairs

The High Commission & Consular services shall endeavour to deal with your enquiries promptly and correctly in the first instance.

Please follow the listed guidelines which are pre-eminently designed to enable us serve you better:

Our preferred mode of communication is e-mail where inquiries are being made or clarity is sought.

You are advised to review our FAQs page before contacting us. We’ve ensured that most relevant answers to the common questions can be found on this website.

You’re strongly advised to diligently read all the relevant information to your intended travel arrangements on our website before contacting us.

In instances whereby your question is already covered with an answer on our website, we’ll regrettably not provide you with a response.

If you have a question that is not covered on our website, you can contact us by telephone:

  • Passports, National IDs & General: +44 (0207)-235-1291
  • Visas matters can be addressed by email directly with the Lesotho Ministry of Home Affairs on: (
  • Tourism enquiries can be addressed directly with, Lesotho Ministry of Tourism on:

The High Commission of the Kingdom of Lesotho aims to respond to enquiries within 2 – 5 working days of receipt.

Office hours:


09:00am – 12:30hrs

14:00hrs – 16:00hrs


09:00am – 12:30hrs

14:00hrs – 16:00hrs


09:00am – 12:30hrs

14:00hrs – 16:00hrs


09:00am – 12:30hrs

14:00hrs – 16:00hrs


09:00am – 12:30hrs

14:00hrs – 16:00hrs





General Enquiries:

Email Us

Call Us

+44 (0207)-235-1291

If you require assistance outside of office hours, or on a weekend, contact:

Consular Affairs Officer.


+44 (073 8554 3873)

Conect with us on:

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